Green privacy chair with ottoman
Blue privacy chair with ottoman
Red privacy chair with ottoman

Wingding Collection

by Trinity Furniture

Wingding opens new possibilities for the 'new normal' of providing a safe collaborative seating environment for workplace, educational, hospitality, and healthcare interiors.

Its distinctive winged shape offers the occupant a cocoon of comforting space even during team interaction. Yet when needed, Wingding can be simply swiveled away from the team for those necessary personal moments of solitude. Although Wingding is designed to restrict peripheral visual contact with its vertical front wings, its overall shape makes it possible to remain visually connected to the environment.

Wingding models include a privacy chair with a swivel base, which is available with an optional plastic storage cubby beneath the seat; and a privacy lounge chair designed with a more relaxed seating position, which is available with two base options and complementing ottomans.


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