Wooden shield divider between two chairs
Whiteboard shields attached to desks
Gold bracket attached to shield divider
Gold and teal brackets attached to shield dividers
Shield dividers attached to various sections of office workstations

Freestanding Shield

by Tayco

An exercise in simplicity, the Single Point Panel is a single element stabilized by a single foot. Geometry and material choice comprise the screen.

Designed with Toronto industrial design studio, Fig40, the Freestanding Shield is an independent structure expressed through a soft and approachable form with a generous arc on the lower side to lend a sense of lightness to a large, vertical surface. The screen is supported by a singular steel base. It is more than a divider, it is a design feature.

The Freestanding Shield, available in 20+ laminate colours, can be pulled up to any surface, panel or storage piece to create a beautifully architected divisional area, helping to keep you and your team safe.


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