Recliner with white cushions and light green base.
Recliner near window with end table
Recliner with white cushions and teal base in standard position
Recliner with white cushions and teal base with ottoman out and reclined

Ace Recliner

by Trinity Furniture

The Ace recliner is designed with common sense features tailored for senior living and healthcare applications.

Ace incorporates an innovative, but simple, approach to maintenance using a completely sealed seat cushion system that prevents liquids and debris from migrating downward and accumulating into the interior crevices and recliner mechanism. The removable seat cushion has Velcro attached upholstery and is completely encapsulated in an antimicrobial moisture barrier. And when the seat is removed, the sealed under seat decking is exposed for an unobstructed deep cleaning.

The sculptured back cushion upholstery is also attached with Velcro and protected with antimicrobial moisture barrier. The ottoman surfaces are designed with breakaway padded edges that will soften any pressure on the heel, ankle and calf while in the reclined positions.

Ace may be placed in close proximity to a wall requiring only 7” of clearance. Base options include tapered wooden legs, tapered aluminum legs, locking swivel casters and a 360˚ swivel metal base.


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