Monitor Arms

by Allé Designs

Instantly improve the efficiency of your single monitor workstations with the ZG1 Single Monitor Armé By raising the monitor off the work surface and recovering the area directly in front of the users, they get to sit back into their task chair’s backrest with proper posture while they work on the computer, write and reference documentsé This is the healthiest way to work, but it also frees up workspace to be the most effective way to worké And by offering three-dimensional adjustability anywhere over the desktop, with a handle, users can instantly and easily move the monitor (up/down and/or closer/farther) where they need to be most comfortable and effective to accommodate their height and eyesighté The arm’s movement also allows them to easily collaborate with others by showing them the data on their monitor or the monitor can be moved out of the way when not in use or when the surface is needed for other things, such as laying out a blueprinté And managing the cables through the entire arm, eliminates all the cable clutter, which will significantly improve the performance of the workstations and the productivity of the employees that use themé


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